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Our Companies

Our Companies


Find Your Talent

We hire everything from the suit, the secretary, the shipper or the supervisor.

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Optimize Routing

Get product delivered on time and for the right price. Maximize your efficiency.

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Free Estimates

Use us to source any diesel truck or trailer job. On-site? Our pleasure.

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Quality Control

Supply the tools that your hospital needs to create efficiencies and reduce costs.

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Why The 


In ancient Greece, the horse was domesticated. The draft horse served for centuries to pull heavy loads.  The "heavy" horse carried knights in armor into battle.  And the Arabian horse was the ancestor to the modern thoroughbred, the star of "the sport of kings."

This versatility is one reason why we have chosen the horse as the symbol of our company.  And combined with the word "Mega", our name, it represents an unbeatable combination of strength, great strategy, and great quality.  In fact, the MEGA Companies' mission is to provide our customers with these benefits and with superior, multidimensional business services.  A full range of resources that can truly make your business great.

From professional staffing and payroll processing, to high-level business consulting and supply chain management, to on-time trailer repair, to data analytis, you'll find what you need to grow your company.  And all of these services are delivered at the highest standards!

The Mega Team


Circa 1979


Robert A. Mega

40 year transportation veteran, lawyer, and eager entrepreneur. A logistics expert with an eye for analysis and strategy, Bob has been synonymous with transportation in the region for decades. As an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, he is always looking to find new and interesting businesses with connective tissue to the logistics industry. Bob is a proud husband, father to three, and grandfather to 3, with a fourth and fifth on the way!

Image by Harley-Davidson

The Biker

March 05, 2001


William Mega

One of the famous three horses on the original logo, Bill has been a staple with MEGA since its inception. Largely in charge of the repairs division, he also has oversight of a number of MEGA ventures. Bill’s vision for the company commands attention, perhaps more than anyone. When he speaks, we heed it. Bill can often be found on the golf course with clients or spending time with his family at his vacation home in Jupiter, Florida.


The Golfer

January 14, 2017


Susan Walsh

Sue has had a decades-long tenure with MEGA, and is the controller for all of the MEGA companies. She oversees the companies’ fiscal responsibility, operations, and HR, to name a few. The consummate multitasker, she wears more hats at MEGA than anyone. Sue is most happy around her children and grandchildren, her wheaton terrier puppy, or on a Sunday, watching her Fantasy Football team work wonders.

free weights

The Gym Rat

January 14, 1993

Managing Partner
Greg Breiner

Stakeholder and director of a number of MEGA companies. Greg leads our logistics project management and healthcare solutions teams as well as new business development for the Mega family of Companies.


His successful track record of delivering innovation, efficiency, and financial accountability for our clients make Greg the perfect on-site leader for the MEGA companies. 

Man in Suit

The Entrepreneur

January 2008

General Manager

Steve Mega

Youngest son of Robert, Steve is a proud manager and facilitator for a number of MEGA companies. He’s been happy to follow in his father’s footsteps and is a strong senior-level leader, with a background in every aspect of management, operations, sales, and HR.


Steve’s strengths lie in communication, and the delivery and execution of various strategies within the company. Steve and his wife are welcoming their second child, and he is most at ease with his family, watching the Patriots, Celtics or Red Sox.


The Sports Nut

January 14, 2017

General Manager

Larry Spiegel

Larry is the engine that runs the truck and trailer repair division. With 25+ years of senior level leadership, ownership, and operations under his belt, he’s been a model of consistency for this piece of the company.   


With a strong background in creating throughput efficiencies and driving overall business growth consistently meeting the industry’s ever-changing and demanding needs.

Image by Alan Hardman

The Moustache


Over the phone or online


300 Wampanoag Trail

Riverside, RI  02915

Work with MEGA: if you have a need in staffing, logistics, truck/ trailer repair or healthcare analytics

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