Potential Clients

Employees are a company's most important asset -- they can determine the success of a business. Mega Solutions can deliver the right person for the right job with the right company.

Our service allows you to focus on your core business and the vital functions of management, supervision, and operations, while saving you both time and money by fulfilling your staffing requirements.

Advantages of Mega Staffing Solutions

  • Mega Solutions spends the time, and controls the costs, related to advertising, screening and recruiting employees.
  • Mega Solutions provides complete and accurate payroll processing including all filings and reporting of federal, state and unemployment taxes.
  • Mega Solutions handles all employee turnover situations including unemployment filings, hearings and the associated costs.
  • Mega Solutions secures proper worker's compensation insurance for all employees and handles all injured worker situations as well as worker's compensation audits.
  • Mega Solutions covers all benefits for our workers.

Staffing Costs

Mega Solutions will customize programs specific to every account. We encourage you to shop our rates among other staffing options, as we are confident how we compare to the competition.

For most accounts we will provide you with either a percentage markup based on a recommended pay rate or an hourly bill rate. This rate includes:

  • Employee Pay
  • State & Federal Taxes
  • Insurance for Workers Compensation (including all deposit premiums, injury claims and audits) and Unemployment
  • Benefit Costs (Health/ Dental/ 401K/ Short Term Disability Insurance, Holiday, Sick and Vacation pay.)
  • Recruiting Costs (advertising, screening, drug testing, medical fit testing, background testing, compliance, etc...)
  • Payroll Processing
  • Administrative Service Fees


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