Safety Regulations

Mega Solutions of MA, LLC is committed to ensuring that employees have safe and healthful workplaces. To this end, we have developed a comprehensive safety manual that is given to and discussed with all employees upon their initial employment or job transfer.

It is the policy of this organization that employees report unsafe conditions, and do not perform work tasks if the work is considered unsafe. Employee recommendations to improve safety and health conditions will be given thorough consideration by our management team.

Employees must report all accidents, injuries, and unsafe conditions to their supervisors on-site and to the Safety Manager of Mega Solutions of Massachusetts. No such report will result in retaliation, penalty, or other disincentive.

Management will work with our clients to ensure that they give top priority to the correction of unsafe conditions. Clients who are not responsive or not committed to correcting unsafe conditions will be eliminated as customers. Similarly, management will take disciplinary action against an employee who willfully or repeatedly violates workplace safety rules.

Safety & Health Training

Workplace safety and health orientation begins on the first day of initial employment or job transfer.

By working closely with our clients and employees, we will ensure that our employees get job specific training by their on-site supervisors.

  • Supervisors will initially train employees on how to perform assigned job tasks safely.
  • Supervisors will carefully review with each employee the specific safety rules, policies, and procedures that are applicable and that are described in the safety manual.
  • Supervisors will give employees verbal instructions and specific directions on how to do the work safely.
  • Supervisors will observe employees performing the work. If necessary, the supervisor will provide a demonstration using safe work practices, or remedial instruction to correct training deficiencies before an employee is permitted to do the work without supervision.
  • All employees will receive safe operating instructions on seldom-used or new equipment before using the equipment.
  • Supervisors will review safe work practices with employees before permitting the performance of new, non-routine, or specialized procedures.

Accident Investigation

An accident investigation will be performed by the supervisor following any accident/injury. Supervisors will investigate all accidents, injuries, and occupational diseases. The procedure for accident investigation must be followed as outlined in the Safety Manual.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Policy

Drugs or alcohol use may pose a serious threat to drivers’ health and safety. It is, therefore, our policy to prevent substance use or abuse from having an adverse effect on our drivers. The company maintains that the work environment is safer and more productive without the presence of alcohol, illegal or inappropriate drugs in the body or on company property.

Please download the full version of Mega Solutions’ Drug & Alcohol Abuse policy for more information.

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