Q: What does the service rate include?
A: Mega Solutions rates include: employee's pay, all taxes, insurance for workers compensation and unemployment, employee benefit costs, holiday pay, sick days, vacation pay and administrative fees.

Q: Who handles employee files and documentation?
A: Mega Solutions will handle all the employee files and keep them current. The client is always able to view and/or hold copies of the employee files upon request.

Q: How are hours worked tracked for payroll and billing?
A: All employees of Mega Solutions of MA will have a three part time card requiring client signature, and the client is welcome to use their own method of time tracking should they choose.

Q: What is the service area of Mega Solutions?
A: Mega Solutions main service area covers Southern Massachusetts and all of Rhode Island. We also serve many other locations with more focused recruiting efforts specific to client requests.

Q: What qualifications does Mega Solutions require for CDL Drivers?
A: Mega Solutions requires:

  • Minimum 1 year documented CDL experience (75% of drivers hold 3+ years)
  • Quality driving record with no more than 1 moving violation per year and no DUI in the last 7 years
  • Pass DOT Physical- Conducted by a 3rd party Medical Review Office
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screen and enrollment in our quarterly drug/alcohol testing program, conducted by 3rd party Medical Review Office
  • Background Checks:
    • Last 10 years driving employment
    • Last 3 yrs. any employment
    • Last 2 yrs. previous drug/alcohol testing

Q: What is the advantage of using Mega Solutions vs. doing it myself?
A: Our service allows you to focus on your core business and the vital functions of management, supervision and operations while Mega Solutions handles the costly and time consuming process of hiring and managing employees, processing payroll and taxes, securing insurances and benefits.

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