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MEGA Healthcare Logistics

Delivering savings to healthcare partners through customized supply chain improvements.

MEGA Healthcare Logistics will give your organization control of freight costs and process by:

  • Providing direct rate contracting with approved carriers
  • Providing more carrier flexibility – thereby increasing vendor compliance
  • Delivering superior process for sustainable results

With today’s healthcare reforms, healthcare administrators need to take advantage of every savings opportunity possible. One area with major savings potential is freight costs.

When hospitals and other healthcare organizations purchase supplies from vendors, there’s a substantial freight cost that often goes unnoticed. Mega Healthcare Logistics identifies your freight costs on a vendor-by-vendor basis, and works with your preferred vendors to negotiate new direct rates, reaping you hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

Why Mega?

  • Mega Healthcare Logistics guarantees results. If we can’t save you more than we promise during our initial assessment, our services are 100% free.
  • Comprehensive no cost, no risk freight cost assessment.
  • Sustainable results, year after year. At the end of the contract term, you’ll maintain the prices that Mega set-up; unlike with other freight companies whose prices end with their contract.
  • 35 years of experience
  • Complete data transparency. We never hide any of your costs. You'll see the exact payment amounts made to every vendor, and every line item will be detailed.
  • Vendor neutral. No carrier affliations.
  • Innovative program, assessment, technologies, and solutions that drive:
    • Optimized Process Improvement
    • Complete Data Transparency
    • Robust Benchmarking and Results Reporting
    • Maximized Savings Across the Enterprise
    • Exceeded Customer Expectations

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